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One to One Personal Training & Nutritional Therapy Deep Tissue Massage 12 Week Online Habit Transformation Programme 30 Day Detox Plan
PT sessions are 60-90 minutes and include so much more than a regular workout. Your Bespoke weekly consultation will also include the following: Bespoke Therapies offer a high-quality consultation service and an in depth assessment including a full health screening and mobility checks to ensure your treatment provides optimum results. This step-by-step 12 week programme will help you change your eating & lifestyle habits one at a time. You will truly understand how important your habits are to achieving a healthy and lean body. During the 12 weeks you will recieve: Discover the whole food, fad free approach to naturally detox your body.
** Weight and Body Statistic Analysis** including body fat %, muscle mass, hydration levels, basal metabolic rate, visceral fat rating and measurements The first treatment including screening, medical assessment and postural analysis lasts 90 minutes Cost: £49 ** Delicious and nutritious 7 day meal plans ** In 30 days you will spend quality time in the kitchen cooking meals, preparing quick nutritious snacks and blending green smoothies. Each week the detox builds upon the previous week, giving you more and more delicious recipes, invaluable food knowledge, and tips to continuing a ‘whole foods’ lifestyle once you have completed the detox program.
**7 day meal plans** including step by step recipe guides 60 minute treatment £40 ** Recipe cards with My Fitness Pal barcode recognition to help personalise your nutrition goals. Week 1 - Reduce and Repair: The first seven days are designed to give your body a break from caffeine, sugar and processed foods, while still loading up on satisfying, nutrient rich meals. This is a great transition towards jump starting your real detox.
**Informative and educational resources** to help change your habits and behaviours towards food and exercise 30 minute treatment £20 **Effective workout plans to match your training needs.** Week 2 & 3: Clear out the toxins: In this period you’ll eat huge amounts of fibre-rich vegetables and snack on fresh fruit and seeds while drinking plenty of water, green smoothies, and herbal teas to flush out the toxins. It’s also at this point that we really focus on removing certain food groups from the diet, like gluten, dairy and soy.
Single sessions are £40 ** Progress diaries to track your weekly measurements and weights** Week 4: During the fourth week it’s time to truly witness the power of plant-based nutrition. In the last few weeks you have already experienced how great you can feel and look by simply having more fruit and vegetables in your diet.
Block of 4 sessions £140 ** Weekly habit changing challenges** The programme is sent to you via email each week. You will recieve weekly shopping lists, 7 day meal plans and easy to follow recipe cards.
Block of 10 sessions £325 All this for just £199. Monthly payment plans available The 30 day Detox plan is just £99.

Cheryl is committed to providing a quality but cost effective way to start your health and fitness journey and look after yourself along the way. Unlike regular Personal Training sessions, Cheryl addresses your nutrition, behaviour changes and will ensure you change your eating and lifestyle habits through weekly food diary analysis, body measurements and weekly consultations before training even begins!

Bespoke Therapies offer a range of health and wellness sessions that are Bespoke to each individual. Exercise takes its toll on the body, building toxins, breaking down tissue causing tension in the body.

Cheryl is extremely passionate about fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle. This is demonstrated through her enjoyable sessions and treatments. Cheryl has an exceptional history of getting great results with her clients.

She provides a relaxing environment both for massage and Personal Training. With years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in the health and fitness industry Cheryl will be able to create the perfect wellness package Bespoke to you!


Deep tissue or Sports massage isn’t just for athletes it is beneficial for everyone. It is a type of massage therapy that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is especially helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas such as stiff necks, low back tightness, and sore shoulders. Other treatments available are:Postural assessments and range of movement checks

Post exercise Soap and Ice Massage to rid the body of toxins
Kinesiology Taping
Remedial massage for relaxation
After care advice and exercise prescription to speed up recovery

Cheryl is available 6 days per week in her Bolton and Chorley clinics:

Contact Cheryl for further details about availability for Massage at your nearest clinic or if you are interested in addressing your health, fitness and wellness goals Cheryl will be able to get you on track with a Personal Training consultation.


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